Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this old house update

It has recently occurred to me that old houses are a work in progress. That's fine though, because we're young and ambitious so this is the best time to live in an old house. Mind you, our house was in great condition before we bought it (its not like we had to restructure the foundation...who knows if that's even a real term...but we haven't had to do anything major except when we had to have a hole in our living room ceiling to fix the upstairs bathroom, but that's a whole other story) BUT we (I) did not like any of the colors in the home which called for an entire house painting! I know that you all have struggled through this with me, listening to my rants and complaints and then blissful wonder when a room was finally finished. Ok, back on track...updates with the house. John painted his office two weekends ago and it looks wonderful! A Mediterranean ocean color looks much better than two-tone purple with a large star on one wall and a large moon on the other (it was a nursery before). Now I am painting our guest room! Three walls will be a tan color and one wall will be a brick(ish) color, I'm going for an "earthtones motif", I want it to feel warm and inviting to visitors (aww, I know how sweet, I'm such a great hostess...haha). I have officially put two coats on all of the tan walls and all that's left is the brick(ish) wall and the trim! John is on the other side of the house (and by side I mean my work is on the top floor and his is in the basement)...and he is building bookshelves! He was getting tired of my growing book collection sitting around in random piles or stacked in different places so voila! I will shortly have bookshelves! (I'll post pics later, promise)! The next task will be completed by my hopeful husband...installing crown moulding (I'm sure that will be really pleasant time) in our master bedroom. So there is the update on our old house!

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