Thursday, January 29, 2009

love to the innies (in-laws)

Ok, so what I like to abbreviate things...that's kind of a disease that runs in the women of my family. So I thought I should abbreviate in-laws...I mean "innies" does sound better than something with the word "law" in it. Anywho, we were surpised to see quite a sizable package on our front porch today filled with stuff from my innies (aka John's mom and dad)! There were quite an aray of things but I would say my fave item was a wedding DVD that Gary (father innie...ok maybe that's taking it a little too far) made for John and I to remember our special day! We watched it while we ate our pizza and it was so sweet! I laughed and I cried (just a little though) and it made me want to go back to that special day and relive the whole thing. Everyone looked so happy and like they were having a great time. Thank you so much Gary for making that, we really appreciate it, it brought back more memories and emotions than you know! Such a sweet gift :)

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