Thursday, November 19, 2009

happy birthday J!

(one of my fave pics ever of him...courtesy of his facebook)

This is a shout out to my incredible husband who turns 25 today!! What an old man (haha). He is so wonderful and hands down the love of my life. Happy Birthday John, love you!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, now I have a new show that I'm obsessed with (big surprise there). I went to Anna's apartment Friday night and we had pizza, beer and ice cream and we had a Glee marathon (a new show on Fox) and let me tell you, its awesome!! Seriously, so hilarious, I absolutely loved it! Its basically based on a Glee Club (go figure) in high school and all of the happenings that go on around that--there's high school drama, witty dialogue and great music (and yes the actors and actresses are all really singing!). I highly recommend it!!! The next two links are some of my fave scenes in the whole series (make this mental picture, I was literally squealing and clapping on Anna's futon in my Snuggie) haha.

Singles Ladies--Kurt

Single Ladies--Football team

dog park

It has been beautiful here this past week (sorry for the folks in NC, I know its been crappy...don't worry my time is coming). I took a half day on Friday and Dixie and I met Anna at Frick Park. In Frick they have a dog park where little pups can roam free and make friends. I LOVE IT!!! Oh by the way, Dixie likes it too. Its great because she can run free, play with little pup pals and by the time we get home, she's exhausted. See, its a win-win-win situation (The Office viewers, please recognize that reference). Its very close to our house, I'm not sure why we haven't gone more often but believe you-me, if the weather stays nice (ha, fat chance) we'll be visiting a lot more!

new snack/meal

Over the last week I have created a new snack/meal that I love! Its quite simple, I take the little tray from the toaster oven, line it with foil...layer some tortilla chips, salsa, black beans, corn and onions...toast for around 8-10 minutes and voila! You have some delicious, healthy nachos! Mmmm I may have had it 4 times this week...honestly, I lost count (what, I was busy and didn't have a lot of time to make a I crave Mexican food like 24/7).


Apparently people have really strong views on the most incredible invention ever, Snuggie. Well its not really the most incredible invention but it is pretty freakin awesome! My cuz, ABby got one for her birthday and I've been wanting one for quite awhile now so that pretty much pushed me to go buy my own and I LOVE IT! So for all you nay sayers out there, hush. And for all of ya'll that like to be warm and yet functional, go on and get one! (Bed Bath and Beyond, $14.99 plus make sure you use that 20% off coupon) Holla!

Monday, November 9, 2009

oh happy day!

Well, all of your prayers and thoughts paid off...I GOT THE JOB!!! Holla!! I'm sooooo happy!!! If I weren't in my office when I found out I would've screamed! I will officially work for Mercy Behavioral Health as a Job Coach. That means that I will have a caseload of around 12-15 mentally retarded adults. I will help them to assess their skills, create a resume with them, apply for jobs, go to interviews and train for jobs. I seriously cannot wait! Everyday will be something different...which is very different from the current job that I have. I will probably start somewhere are the middle of December. I'll be driving a lot more so any little prayers throughout the winter weather would be much appreciated :) Thanks again for all of the prayers, love and support! Love ya'll!!

happy (late) anniversary Seabolts!

Yesterday was my wonderful cuzzie, Emily's wedding anniversary! I simply adore her and Tommy, they are perfect for each other! I love ya'll so much!!!

(photo courtesy of indigo photography and emily's facebook :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

new icons

I wouldn't be the fashionista that I am if I couldn't channel other females' styles before me. Here are a few of my fab iconic women lately:

my girl Reba

old school Dolly...I mean how gorgeous is she??

June Carter...what a doll
(all photos courtesy of google search)

Can you tell that I'm diggin the country western/big hair look lately? Ok good.

nobody puts baby in a corner

I like to think of myself as a naturally good dancer. I took ballet/tap/pointe lessons for around 10 years or so, so maybe it was that experience or maybe it was just because I was born with them boogie genes (I'm gettin a little country these days...I think its all the Tay Swift and Carrie Underwood). Nonetheless, I have decided on two dancing goals. I would like to learn how to two step (the country version) and how to do the Irish stepdance (hello, I'm embracing my heritage ya'll even if it is through marriage that I'm Irish...I say tomato you say tomAto.). I don't know when or where this will happen, if I'll learn with or without my husband or if I'll actually pay for lessons or learn on youtube. But I'm learning them both, so mark my word!

(photos courtesy of google)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

here and there

I like to list things, sometimes it makes it easier to write:

1. Anna and I have come up with a workout plan, thank goodness! And she's a pretty tough cookie so hopefully she will hold me accountable even when I'm difficult (and we all know that's very rare...insert roll of eyes here...)
2. Apparently I had a good interview on Monday because they called me back for a second interview on Friday, plllllease throw some prayers up that it goes well, this job would be awesome!
3. My cousin ABby had a vampire themed birthday party yesterday and I'm really jealous that I wasn't there (do I sound like a 5 year old? ok good, that's what I was going for)
4. It's cold here (surprise) it was like 45 degrees today and my friend said he thought it would snow tonight (doubtful), but we'll see.
5. Today I remembered the one thing that I like about cold weather is the snow.
6. I got my November Southern Living in the mail today and literally wanted to eat the front page, it was a yummmmmy looking picture of pumpkin pie.
7. John is still crazy busy with school (surprise)...but it'll be over soon (thank you Lord).
8. We're going to a baby dedication for my friend's newborn son on Sunday, does anyone have ideas on what's a good gift for that?
9. I literally filed all 8 hours of my workday today (yikes!).
10. I have decided that we're going to have a Christmas partay, wahoo!! (more details on that later)
11. Lately, I have next to no motivation to do wifely house duties (oops).
12. Still no heat...(insert sarcastic tone here) our love will warm this home...geez we're cynical...

birthday shout out to my cousins

I wanted to give a (belated) birthday shout out to ABby and Will! Happy Birthday! I would like to list some things that I admire about ABby and some things that I learned from Will's life:

1. Her style--she is a true fashionista
2. Her dancing skills--she can put anyone I know to shame on the dance floor
3. Her patience, she waited like 10 years to be married to Jared :)
4. Her sweet demeanor, she is just so...sweet, I really can't think of another way to put it
5. Her ability to make me laugh with almost anything she says

1. To love others without limits
2. Live everyday like its your last
3. To have a big, open heart, because after all, that's what life is all about--loving others (see #1)
4. Appreciate the loved ones that surround you and make sure you show it
5. Eat as much as you want (we all know the boy could eat :)

ABby I enjoy every time that I'm around you, you make me so, so, so happy and Will, we all miss you so much but I know you're having a big ol' party up there in heaven!

(pic courtesy of Ab's facebook, sanks girl!)