Sunday, February 28, 2010

good for the soul

Dancing, that is...its good for the soul. Tonight after I worked out on my Wii I thought I would add a little extra workout. Ginny gave me Just Dance, a Wii game where you basically copy the person's dance moves that's on the screen. Basically karaoke for dance. Its awesome! The game has all kinds of songs on it....songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, today, even back to the 50s. I love it! And every time I dance with this game I am reminded by how much I LOVE to dance!

I honestly believe that dancing is in my DNA. Neither of my parents are big dancers (Dad, can we say electric slide?) so I'm not sure where I got it from. Well I'm also pretty sure that dancing is in my sister's DNA as well, maybe it just came with our generation. But man do I love to dance! It just makes me so happy and just adds to my sassiness (as if I needed any help). Its a good work out and so much stinkin fun! If ya'll have a Wii I highly suggest purchasing this game, it is a great investment, both for your mental and physical health. Funny how it brightens those cold, snowy days. Thanks Ginny!!! Love you!

yes, please stop

My Leanie emailed this to me today and I thought it was very cute!

carrots and horseradish note*

I used 1/2 cup of fat free sour cream (because I'm not a fan of mayo and to lower the fat/calories).

Also, the cracker crumbs were good ol' Ritz crackers. The second time I made it I used panko just so I could eliminate one more box from my shelf. Both were good options.


As some of you may know I'm into audio books now that I drive 70% of the day, every day. Due to that I have been able to get in some good reads, and let me tell you I believe that it honestly soothes my road rage. Interesting.

Charlie Wilson's War by George Crile

I thought I would dabble in the intellectual side of reading as I do from time to time but this was a mistake! The audio book was 17 CDs long! Each track was 3 minutes and there were like 23 tracks on a CD. By the end of week two and CD 7 I decided that I was done! This may be an interesting story but my interest was lost around CD 4. I give it 1 out of 5 stars (if even that).

Firstlight by Sue Monk Kidd

I was initially attracted to this because I adore Mrs. Kidd's work in The Secret Life of Bees. Well little did I know that she is a Christian and apparently wrote a lot for Guideposts as well other Christian magazines. This is a collection of her early inspirational writings. It is very uplifting and rejuvenating for the soul, I recommend it. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee

This is a Southern fiction novel about an ex-debutante (go figure) who returns to her Texas roots to save the day. It is so cute and ya'll know I'm a sucker for anything Southern so of course I loved it! I've decided that inspirational writings or light-hearted girly books are the best audio books. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi

This book was great! It is of course written about Swayze and Lisa's life together, from the very beginning. I will have to say that what I enjoyed most about this book was the pure honesty in which it was written. My man Swayze was very honest about the good times and the bad in his life, including his marriage, personal well being and his career. I learned a lot of cool things about him (ex. He refused to say "nobody puts baby in a corner" and the director made him, thank goodness because I stinkin love that line!!). Highly recommend! 4 out of 5 stars!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

carrots with horseradish sauce

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a fan of carrots. But when Kathy fixed these on Christmas day I had seconds and then later that night went to the fridge and ate the rest. They are freakin good!! You must try them even if you claim to hate carrots.

Carrots with Horseradish Sauce

2 (1 lb.) bunches carrots
1/4 c. cooking liquid from the carrots
1/2 c. mayo
1 tbsp. onion, minced
1 tbsp. prepared horseradish
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 c. fine cracker crumbs
2 tbsp. butter

Cook the scraped carrots whole in boiling water. Cut them lengthwise into strips. Arrange in 8" or 9" shallow baking dish. Combine the sauce ingredients (cooking liquid, mayo, onion, horseradish and salt & pepper). This may be done ahead, but do not mix it with the carrots ahead of time (important!). Just before mealtime, pour the sauce over the carrots. Sprinkle crumbs on top and dot with the butter. Bake uncovered at 375 for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy!

snowpoc, second wind

First let me state the obvious: I. hate. snow. period. I freaking hate it! Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous but I am stinking tired of it and I cannot take it anymore. New news: I'm moving to Hawaii, if you know someone that I can move in with that would be great. Ok, you got me, I'm not moving to Hawaii...I wish I was.

We got a second wind of snow yesterday/last night. Snow, snow go away, come again another day (or year). I have spring fever!

attention deficit disorder

Attention deficit disorder: n.
  1. a condition, usually in children, marked by inattentiveness, dreaminess, and passivity.
  2. a disorder characterized by a difficulty in retaining focus, especially on tasks, for long periods of time.
Yes, I have officially diagnosed myself with ADD. It seems that I cannot singularly focus on anything. While cooking I must be talking to someone. While working out I must be listening to music. While watching the Olympics I must be blogging or stalking people on facebook. While driving I must be listening to a book on CD. While cleaning I must be talking to someone. While doing paperwork on my computer I must have music or TV in the background and/or a game of FreeCell going for when I get bored with my work.


This is not good people, why must I multitask? I have always declared myself the queen of multitasking (while walking is not involved seeing as I have a lack of balance...and yes, my Wii agrees with me) but you know its bad when you read 4 pages into a book by an author you love that is absolutely hilarious and decide that you're bored and must do something else. Ahh. Help me find a cure and no, Ritalin is not the answer.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

snow village

John's latest creations:

Dixie's new snow dog house

back side of the snow dog house

our family

our family from the back

my sentiments exactly

Kathy sent me an email entitled "how can you tell when people have had enough snow?" and this was the picture attached:

ECE winter partay

I think I may have mentioned earlier that Anna and I were on the decorating committee for this year's ECE winter party. Well, you'll be happy to know that everything turned out fabulously (mostly because of us)! Yay!! Have fun looking at the pics :)

the infamous Anna

hey boo

mid-attempt to kiss John's cheek
Anna: "John, you look like an awkward middle schooler, like you don't know who she is"
Matthew: "Nope, that's his wife"

lovely centerpiece

fabulous centerpiece


getting sassy in the bathroom

snow and ice

The aftermath of snowpocalypse 2010:

all bundled up

brrr it's coooooold

play time


close up

Friday, February 19, 2010

it's the little things really

During the last 2 days I'm reminded that it's the little things that make me happy...

  1. Yesterday I was doing "cold calls" for a client...basically I go from business to business seeing if they have hiring needs and such. Well I was on the phone with my mom getting advice on sales because that's basically what I'm doing, selling the idea to these employers that they need my client (and truthfully they do because my clients are freakin awesome). Anywho...I'm pulling into a parking spot at Wal-Mart (ugh, I know)...while on the phone mind you...and I scream OH MY GOSH MOM!!!! One might think that I hit someone or there was a bear in the parking, I saw a Krispy Kreme!! Yes, that's right I screamed because I saw a freakin Krispy Kreme!! Now to explain my madness...I have yet to see a Krispy Kreme anywhere near where we live up here and let's be honest Dunkin Donuts just ain't cutting it people. To be really honest, I have not even stepped into Dunkin Donuts (even though it is .3 miles away from my house) because I personally know that it does not even compare to my precious KKD. As soon as I was done in stinkin Wal-Mart I quickly went to KKD. I was hoping that a jolly employee would greet me so that I could tell them how happy I was to come upon their franchise. Well as sited in prior posts, no such luck, I was greeted by an emo kid and I was slightly dissapointed. Well, let's be honest, when I get that excited even an emo kid can't stop me. So after I ordered my assortment of doughnuts I gushed to the emo kid that I looooved KKD and how I haven't been able to find one since I've moved to stinkin Yankee country and how seeing KKD completely made my day. By the end of my gush fest she was smiling (haha I succeeded!). And I went back to my car to eat a yummmmy doughnut. Mmmm KKD, I loves you.
  2. Tonight when I was grocery shopping I found some avocados that were rather squishy. Now ya'll might be thinking ughhh that sounds nasty. Nope, they are usually as hard as rocks in the grocery store (because they haven't fully ripened), they are bitter and not ready for delicious guacamole. I quickly picked up 3 avocados and went on my merry way. I came home and made my yummmmy guacamole (which I've been craving for quite awhile now)! It made me so happy that I just kept eating it on chips and eventually on my quesadilla. Its just one of those dishes where as you eat it you just have to stop and absorb all of the flavor. Oh so tasty. I'm totally a foodie.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

all you need is love

Although typically I don't celebrate V-day my inner elementary school girl does ooh and ahh at all things pink, red, sparkly and heart shaped (hey, I'm a festive person...). So in honor of the day of love I will list some things I love (in no particular order):
  1. sweatpants
  2. my husband
  3. vanilla candles
  4. anything with chocolate
  5. french fries
  6. precious Dixie
  7. family
  8. laughs that make your belly ache
  9. friends
  10. faith
  11. books
  12. snow
  13. sunshine
  14. the color green
  15. babies
  16. preggy ladies
  17. christmas
  18. all things southern
  19. Jesus
  20. shopping
  21. jewelry
  22. quotes that inspire
  23. hope
  24. yoga
  25. social issues
  26. helping others
  27. things that sparkle
  28. coffee
  29. starbucks
  30. twilight
  31. steel magnolias
  32. flowers
  33. cupcakes
  34. sweet potatoes
  35. vera wang perfume
  36. pearls
  37. people from all over
  38. dogs
  39. changing things up a bit
  40. mexican food
  41. jack johnson
  42. pancakes on saturday
  43. shrimp & grits
  44. hanging out with my clients
  45. seeing that life can be very simple
  46. blogs
  47. red wine
  48. pictures
  49. skype
  50. uggs
  51. dresses
  52. femininity
  53. honesty
  54. profound statements that make you think
  55. my new wii
  56. dancing
  57. sarcasm
  58. people who are witty
  59. beautiful things
  60. fashion
  61. the beach
  62. the mountains
  63. suntans
  64. warm weather
  65. smiles

Saturday, February 13, 2010

shopping, oh how i love thee...

...let me count the ways....

  1. I went shopping at Barnes and Noble today and oh by the way, I love books. I just love walking around in there and looking at all the interesting books. I decided to pick up the latest PostSecret book, get myself a Starbucks treat and read it. After reading the whole book I decided to put one of my secrets in there, so if you want to know one of my secrets go to a B&N in the burgh and search for the latest PostSecret book. It felt liberating, I highly suggest it.
  2. Bath and Body Works is having a Buy 3 Get 3 Free Sale this weekend, so go on out there and get some goodies!
  3. Ann Taylor is having a sale right now and I got an over sized cream sweater for $15 and a cute black tee with detail for $5, wahoo!
  4. Macy's is having a sale on shoes...sadly the boots I wanted (for $40!) did not fit, I cried a little inside. However I did find a lovely little (slightly expensive) gift that I would like for my next piece of nice jewelry (hint hint husband) and no, there is not a time line on this gift...just eventually (a year, two years, etc.). Hey, I'm just a gal who knows what she wants...


I know, I know, ya'll are like "we don't read your blog to read about how pissy you are" well sorry people, if we're going to be friends it comes with the package. I don't know if its the cold, the lack of sunshine or being a cabin fever freak but people have really been getting on my nerves lately. Here's a list:
  1. So John's department's winter formal is coming up and of course I have to see if Macy's has any cute dresses (on sale, duh). Me and my lovely sidekick (use the term lovingly), Anna, ventured out to Macy's (pre-snowpoc) to peruse the selection. Low and behold we found a cute dress that fits (gasp!) and is on sale for $15 (double gasp!). Wahoo! I snatched it up and we ran to the register. Well Ms. Customer Service of the Year was helping us apparently and as she rang up my bargain dress she did NOT speak to us. What?! Hey boo, I'm buying a dress from you (albeit only $15 of a dress, but a dress nonetheless)...can you at least acknowledge the hand that is attached to the credit card that is politely in front of you? Apparently not, she didn't say anything! I am astonished and pissed. So of course I'm not saying anything to her...I didn't feel like being that person that day, but then when we walked away I made a snarky remark to Anna about Ms. CSY's (see above for acronym explanation) sparkling personality, that showed her. Ha.
  2. I was driving home the other day (mid-snowpoc) and was literally 30-45 seconds away from my parking spot. Well of course my car got stuck and would not budge more than 10 feet. I was determined to get that dang car up that dang hill all by myself! Well 10 minutes later I called hubs and asked if he would walk over before I had a panic attack and just left the car. Well, well, well a nice little Jeep pulls up behind me. Clearly we are mid-snopoc so people should have tons of patience and sympathy for the poor little coupe that is stuck. Not so much. This jerk was like up my tail forever even though he could tell the car wasn't budging. Then he had the audacity to honk at me! What!? Are you kidding me fool, do you think I am voluntarily just sitting here having the time of my life?! Grrrrr. So being the patient person that I am I ignored him, I didn't feel like unleashing the beast on him. Then the fool rolls down his window and asked if I wanted him to push me (I assumed with his Jeep and I didn't want scatches on the car) so I said "no my husband is coming to help me". Well 10 minutes later John finally shows up (turns out he had to clear out the stupid parking spot so we could actually park somewhere because it had filled up with snow) and the Jeep fool rolls down his window and asked if I could back up so he could pass me. I shot him the nastiest look (hopefully he felt my eyes burning through his face), didn't say anything and threw it in reverse. Idiot pulled around me and spun some tires (ha!). Then John saved the day and got the car into its rightful spot.
  3. I was shopping at Giant Eagle (our local grocery store) the other night because we were out of food. Now ya'll know that going grocery shopping in the snow is not fun (see a few posts ago) so I wasn't in a pleasant mood...not in a bad mood...just there (insert glazed over cabin fever face here). Well I roll up to the first available check out line and look who it is...a grumpy old woman working the cash register! She doesn't smile, she doesn't acknowledge me...she just mechanically rings up the groceries. Well, you know thanks a lot lovely lady, I would love to pay you for groceries and not even get a smile in return. This lady did not speak to me either! She was barking at the young idiot teenagers who work there. At the end of the wonderful (roll of eyes here) exchange I said "thank you" and then I hear her bark "thank you, thank you". I look at her but she's not looking at me (surprise) and I walk away rolling my eyes thinking that she was either awkwardly talking to me or she has Tourette's. Either way it does not excuse that kind of behavior.
Now maybe its because I was raised in the South or maybe its because I actually have social skills but when you are a customer service person aren't you supposed to be nice to the customer? Ok, I thought so. I am fed up with nasty people. Now, I'm not asking for them to give me a massage or kiss my feet, I just want a smile, a nice "hello, how are you?" and maybe a little conversation. I mean for Pete's sake, is that going to kill you? You know what...I think next time I will let them know that! Ha! I will, I will tell them, "hey shug, I know today is probably crappy for you or maybe your momma didn't teach you how to be social but I've been in your shoes...I've worked at a grocery store and a wouldn't kill you to smile, you may actually look a little nicer if you did and I swear it won't kill you to say hey to someone. Ok thanks have a fantastic day!". Mmm hmm.