Sunday, February 28, 2010

good for the soul

Dancing, that is...its good for the soul. Tonight after I worked out on my Wii I thought I would add a little extra workout. Ginny gave me Just Dance, a Wii game where you basically copy the person's dance moves that's on the screen. Basically karaoke for dance. Its awesome! The game has all kinds of songs on it....songs from the 70s, 80s, 90s, today, even back to the 50s. I love it! And every time I dance with this game I am reminded by how much I LOVE to dance!

I honestly believe that dancing is in my DNA. Neither of my parents are big dancers (Dad, can we say electric slide?) so I'm not sure where I got it from. Well I'm also pretty sure that dancing is in my sister's DNA as well, maybe it just came with our generation. But man do I love to dance! It just makes me so happy and just adds to my sassiness (as if I needed any help). Its a good work out and so much stinkin fun! If ya'll have a Wii I highly suggest purchasing this game, it is a great investment, both for your mental and physical health. Funny how it brightens those cold, snowy days. Thanks Ginny!!! Love you!


Anna said...

After tonight's, shall we say, performance, I'm definitely getting it!

Cynthia said...

Whoa! You know who would love to try that game...LaAbby! Talk about some moves! If they have Footloose on there maybe Em could join in! HaHa!

PamCakes said...

Jessi, where are you?