Saturday, March 20, 2010

who knew

...that I was married to Bobby Flay?

Explanation: One of our friends hosted a potluck dinner last night. We were invited earlier this week and we were instructed to bring a dish that is native to wherever we're from. So I plan on making fried okra and sweet tea.

Then late Thursday night (approximately 10:30 p.m.) John asks, "should I make peach cobbler or barbecue?" My answer: neither. I thought that one dish and beverage per couple was enough, apparently my over-achiever husband did not agree. I tell him that they sound like pretty difficult dishes to make (seeing as he's never made anything more complicated than macaroni and cheese from a box). I think this has been mentioned before...we're both stubborn. So after I tell him that I don't think he should/could make them of course that means he has to! At 11:00 p.m. he goes to the grocery store to gather his ingredients. I'm a little worried because that's my kitchen and he doesn't even know where the flour is located (duhhhh). Needless to say I came home last night and the house smelled wonderful (and seemingly nothing was ruined). Both of his dishes were huge hits! I'm so proud of my Bobby Flay :)


Mom said...

Atta' boy John!!! (and ole by the way, I remember him making a birthday cake from scratch and several phone calls to Kathy...for his new bride's birthday!)

Cynthia said...

Seriously, John's menu sounds more like Pat Neely, but Bobby Flay is of Irish descent! Yes, I do watch more than my share of Food Network! WAY TO GO JOHN!