Saturday, March 27, 2010

added bonus

Not only do I absolutely love my job but I have an added bonus to that...I get to go behind the scenes at a lot of the local businesses here. Now ya'll know I love to find out all sorts of information (some confuse this with prying...I say its intense curiosity and a thirst for knowledge). I love knowing how things work (such as businesses) and what goes on that we can't see. Here are some of the places that I get to see behind the scenes:

  • Giant Eagle grocery store--I attended two customer service trainings with them (and a client of course)
  • Phipps Conservatory, see how beautiful it is here
  • Eat 'N Park restaurant
  • La Roche College cafeteria
  • Monte Cellos restaurant
  • The Benedum Theater (and various other Pittsburgh theaters)
  • Local Humane Society
  • A community food bank
  • A public library
And tomorrow I get to see behind the scenes at The Pittsburgh Zoo! One of my clients will begin working at the zoo and you know what added bonus that means for me? I get to go to the zoo for freeeeee! (Well at least the sections pertaining to horticulture....but hey, who's keeping me from venturing over to some cuddly bears?)

Have I mentioned, I love my job?? :)

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katie said...

awww yay! I'm so glad you love your job and a little jealous at all the cool things you get to try out!