Sunday, October 12, 2008

this weekend

This weekend I had the pleasure of entertaining my friends Morgan and Emily. I picked them up Wednesday night from the airport and dropped them back off this morning (so sad). But it was so great to see them! We had a wonderful time together and it reminded me of college...I act like it was so long ago. They were able to go out and explore Pittsburgh while I was at work and then we hung out together at night. We were able to watch TV (probably our favorite pastime), shop, and go out a couple of nights. And I must say that John seemed to adapt to being around 3 women very well...I was quite impressed. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post later on (Em you HAVE to send them to me :) And I'll have to give a shout out to Emily Rowe who dropped them off at RDU so they could come here (her birthplace), thanks Em!

Last night I stayed up and finished Everyone Worth Knowing (the latest book I've been reading) instead of going to sleep but I really enjoyed the book and was so glad I was finally able to finish it! It was a really good book. It was a little slow at first but definitely picked up...I recommend it for a fun read.

Today I have been glued to the TV...who knows why, because of boredom, laziness, or mopey-ness? I have officially watched two, yes TWO Lifetime movies today! They are so dramatic, and teach good life lessons, why would you not watch them?! Well, I just had to pull myself away from the 3rd one so that I might be somewhat productive tonight. I did make dinner though, so that was productive, right? We had pork chops (pronounced 'poke chops') and scalloped potatoes...mmm mmm delicious and of course sweet tea, just in case you all wanted to know what was on the menu. But with that, I'm going to try on potential outfits, maybe have a glass of wine and get stuff together for tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend! Sorry its been awhile since I last posted :)

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why did i miss this WHHHHHHYYYYY