Sunday, October 19, 2008

the adventures of ginny and jessi

Thursday night Ginny arrived in Pittsburgh, yay! I was so happy to see her, and to see the little gift she brought with her...she was kind enough to pick up a 4 piece supreme dinner from Bojangles for me and the other JK to share. It was so wonderful...a little dry (from being 6 hours old) but mostly wonderful!! It was so great to taste our fave fast food restaurant again. Anyway...the rest of the visit with her was so fun.

Thursday night we just laid around and watched the State game and talked. Then it was definitely time to go to bed. Friday I was off to work and Ginny took John to school and she went to a couple of museums. We all gathered back at the house for Mexican rice, margaritas and once John left the room...the Sex and the City movie! Yay, it was such a fun was like Ginny and I hung out just last week, we always pick up right where we left off.

Saturday we woke up and watched Twisted, a movie with Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson...really good by the way. Then we all went to play disc golf...some of us not as willingly as others. See, I thought I was going to be able to get out of it since it was Ginny that asked John if he wanted to go. I don't know why I attract people to me who are active and competitive. So I was going to stay here and watch the Golden Girls episode that I had DVRed...not so likely, they basically dragged me out of the house. I was not a happy camper but then got over it and we had a fun time. It was beautiful outside...but note to self: don't choose the copper colored frisbee when its fall and all the copper colored leaves are on the ground. Most of my time was spent trying to find my stinkin frisbee.

We promptly dropped John off at the house, showered, got ready and yes...we went shopping! After that Ginny and I went to the Duquesne Incline to get a wonderful view of the city at night. Then we were simply going to follow our Mapquest directions to Church Brew Works...which ended up in quite an adventure...we were very VERY lost...for an hour. We drove out of Pittsburgh (without knowing it) got stuck in Penguins (the burgh's NHL team) fun and finally...did I say FINALLY got there! I have never been so happy to be on Liberty Avenue or to sit down to a very late night dinner. Needless to say, Ginny loved it there and we had a great meal and even better conversation. We came home, hung out and went to sleep. I miss her so much already and I was just so pleasantly reminded of how great it is to have best friends...the ones you just feel at home with, no matter where you are. Love you Ginny!


Ginny said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I had such a great time and i miss you forgot that we stayed up until 230 dying your hair and the fact that the coat we ran over got stuck to the car and strangers ripped it off....hahahaha...SUCH A GREAT TRIP!!!!!!!!

delores lail said...

So glad you had a wonderful time! Hat's off to you Ginny for the long drive!! You go girl! At least the trip had to be absolutely beautiful with the colors of Fall all around. I know you two had a blast! So wonderful to have timeless friends!