Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween!

Or as my sister likes to say: "happy all hallow's eve!". Anyway I hope everyone has had a spooky, fun day. Sorry this post is coming in a little late but tonight has been a long night. It began with me leaving work early because I was sick. I was surprised to find that I did not want to leave work even though I felt like crap but then my boss said "you look bad, you need to go home" so I went. I stopped by the grocery store, stocked up on meds and came home. I napped for awhile and then woke up in time for the trick-or-treaters. Well, I was hesitant to prepare for the little trick-or-treaters because to access our house is kind of basically have to hike up Mt. Everest to get to our front door and to get to our back door you enter from an alley and walk down our long skinny back yard. Kids are lazy these days and it was proven to me yet again tonight. I was so hyped up about trick-or-treaters, since we don't have a lot of friends yet, which clearly means no halloween parties I figured I could get excited about the tikes coming for some sugar. Now I hated when I went out when I was little and got the generic candy crap, so I decided this year that I was going to "give back" to the sugar crazed tikes and get name brand, stuff that I would actually like. (it also helped that when I was telling my cousin Abby about my hesitancy...if that's a word, to buy candy she said "buy stuff you like so if they don't come you can eat it") So I did just that. We had Snickers, Hershey bars, Reese cups, Butterfingers, and 100 Grand. And guess what! No kids! No trick-or-treaters! Stinkin kids! I made sure the lights were turned on, on both of the doors...had our cute jack-o-lantern lit and sitting out on the porch AND I went out on our front porch (twice!) and watched those kids trick-or-treat across the street where they don't have to hike Mt. Everest to snatch their sugared goods. I'm not going to lie blog fans, I was a little crushed. I was talking to my friend Morgan during this sad time and she suggested that I just stand at the bottom of my Pittsburgh Mt. Everest and hand out the way! Anyway, needless to say we have a HUGE bowl of good candy here one woman who has to fit in a bridesmaid dress in a week and one man who doesn't ever retain calories or fat...but there will probably be a stash delivered at my work and then another brought down to Greensboro. (My dad has actually requested that we bring it down so he can munch on it) But in the end, I can't really blame the kids...I would've been too lazy to walk up the mountain for the candy. Anywho...happy halloween again!

PS-Please note our cute jack-o-lantern...the pic was taken inside, I couldn't get a good one outside since we have motion sensor lights everywhere (which I love!).

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delores lail said...

Awesome pumpkin! Did you carve it yourself? Looks prettier than the one on Katie's card!! ha! (No wine with the meds huh?)