Thursday, October 23, 2008

thanks Mom!

I (and John) received a care package today from my mom! Yay! It included Halloween candy, a pottery pumpkin that I painted when I was ohhhh maybe 6, a cute ornament, 4 pieces of pumpkin raisin cake, 3 potential dresses for Em's rehearsal dinner, and a pair of shoes (yes Katie I know they are only on loan from you). It was so fun to receive it! Thank you Mom, I (we) really appreciate it! The treats were delicious and the dresses were cute. I love you!

PS-John was upset when he read my loves and dis-loves post and saw that he was not listed, so to make up for it, one more thing that I love:
1. John (duh)

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delores lail said...

Did you forget to mention that the cake was homemade? (and not blackened?)....I mean, I ain't one to brag but,my sisters read this blog and they would be so proud!