Thursday, November 4, 2010

new kind of christmas

I'm sure you're thinking, "wow, she's already thinking about Christmas?". Well, if you know me then you know that I am a Christmas Crazy (see here) and have been thinking about Christmas since like July so you shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, back on topic...I've already bought some Christmas gifts this year but as for the rest of the gifts I have decided to buy from local vendors or independent artisans. Local doesn't necessarily mean only the Pittsburgh area, it can mean places that are local to you (the readers) such as NC, SC, and all the other lovely places ya'll hail from. I have friends who are independent artisans and sell through and some even advertise on facebook. Nonetheless, I would like to buy the rest of my gifts and help contribute to small (or big, whatev) town entrepreneurs. If you know of anyone that I should check out please leave their website in the comments section, I love seeing new things and buying from new people!

Oh and this yearning of mine, wanting to buy from the locals, totally comes from my dad. He has always preferred shopping at local businesses rather than corporations (booo evil corporations...just kidding). So yeah, that's where I get it from.

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Anna said...

Yes, you are Christmas Crazy and I must say that it is contagious!!