Friday, November 12, 2010

the christian atheist

My cousin, Emily, recommended this book to me and I was immediately intrigued by the title. As you all well know I am a Christian and I tend to like things that are not your necessarily typical Christian things...such as a book entitled: The Christian Atheist. I'm also a "give it to me straight" kinda gal and that's exactly was Groeschel does in this book. He's basically stating: "Ok, you say you're a Christian but are you really living like one? Are you really shining Christ's love and light in everything you do? Service to your church, community, friends? The way you spend your money? Etc, etc. It was good and he most definitely made me stop and think about a few things, I mean because hey, not to surprise ya'll but...I'm not perfect (gasp!). It's a good book that makes you think, how much better can it get? 4 out of 5 stars. Thanks Em!

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