Friday, November 5, 2010

thankful #5

5. Today I'm thankful for the relationship I have with God. It wasn't an easy journey getting to the point where our relationship began and it isn't always sunshine and cupcakes (just like any other relationship). But it is so very comforting knowing that there is a power bigger than me and that things happen for a reason (sometimes beyond my understanding and most definitely beyond my control). Also knowing that someone always loves me and is willing to listen regardless of the not so lovely things I may do or say ain't too shabby either. He is my refuge in times of confusion and sadness, joy and thankfulness, and all the other emotions that I have daily.

Each time I visit the beach I'm reminded of great my God is. I mean isn't that a perfect image of His creation, grandeur and beauty all thrown in together?
(location: the lovely Holden Beach, NC...thank you very much)

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Mom said...

Can't imagine life without having spent so many sweet times at the beach!