Monday, March 16, 2009


Last year for Christmas my mom bought me an exercise ball, yoga mat and yoga/pilates DVD. I've been using it a lot lately because I've found that I feel rejuvenated after doing the DVD and I feel very stretched out, no more tight muscles. Tonight I was doing my stretches in the living room (I'm not good enough to do them on my own, I definitely still have to watch the DVD) when the other JK came strolling downstairs. I was in a somewhat difficult position--the side plank when he decided to tickle my feet, underarm and my waist. I'm not a ticklish person although the added distraction was not helping, however I DID maintain my side plank for the required 20-30 seconds. Then I bet him that he couldn't do it. And to my surprise he held a very sturdy side plank for more than 30 seconds! I told him to stop being a show off. But I was quite proud. Who knew he could hold a yoga pose? Then I got a long talk about how "great he is at balancing, why in the world would I not think he would be good at that?" Well, there you go I'm married to an unknown (until now) yoga guru.


delores lail said...

Somehow I am not surprised at the balance skill. I have seen that man in some scary high places.

Heather said...

I LOVE yoga and even did some when I was pregnant. Who knew you could use your own body to provide such good resistance? Plus I did feel very bendy after doing it. Alas,I've not had good luck getting P to try it. It's supposed to be great for runners.