Friday, March 13, 2009

good food, good meat...

Good gracious, let's eat! I went shopping at Trader Joe's again last night and had the time of my life, again! I seriously love that place! I will now list the last two dinners that we've had:

Last night:
  • Lobster ravioli with vodka sauce
  • Edamame (for an appetizer)
  • Fresh salads with mandarin oranges, yummy dressing and croutons
  • Grapes as a sweet side dish
  • Chicken pot stickers (basically a somewhat Asian inspired chicken and cabbage dumpling type good!)
  • Egg noodles
  • Freshly steamed veggies (snap beans, red bell peppers and potatoes)
  • All of that was mixed together with a chicken broth/soy sauce type of sauce
  • And the rest of the edamame for an appetizer
Mmmm mmm good! It was all so great and so fresh! I bought so many yummy treats, to make meals and just to snack on. I bought Gorgonzola oven crisps...oh my gosh, so delicious! I also bought some pomegranate white tea, very good! I can't sing Trader Joe's praises loud enough (I believe I said that in my last post about the store)!! Yay!!


Cynthia said...

I feel like Joe is a member of our family now. I guess we'll have to have him at our next gathering! (I really mean some of his food, not the real Joe!).

Abby said...

I bought the lobster ravioli last time we went and was trying to decide what sauce to have with it!! You sold me on the vodka sauce!! Sanks!