Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what i've learned

...during my week of running. Yes it has been 8 days that I've been on this program. And I have to say I'm quite proud of myself and feel pretty dang good about me. I guess it's just something about working up a sweat or really pushing yourself past your comfort level that makes you feel almost (definitely) victorious at the end. So here are some things I've learned about myself:

  • Stomp by Kirk Franklin is awesome to run to, really gets me jazzed up to run and for God (multitasking, people)
  • Last Resort by Papa Roach is also a fave, like I really get pumped listening to that song (insert mental picture of me sweating on a treadmill doing a fist pump as soon as my ipod switches over to this song)
  • I psych myself up while running. Yes, this does involve swearing (in my head). Hey, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do in order to psych herself up. For instance, if I'm feeling a tad like I may want to quit I'll say (in my head) "Oh yes, I can do this sh*t!". Hee hee. True story.
  • Lesson for the reader: if you see me running (and most of you won't, seeing as you don't live near me...wah wah) don't come up and surprise me because I might've psyched myself up so much that I may turn around and punch you thinking you're someone harmful. Or I could be on a "go me!" high and be thinking I'm a real bad ass with all of my mental swearing and what not. Yeah, so to be on the safe side, no surprises during workouts.
  • I love not having to do anything, like talking to anyone or answering to anyone or doing dishes or laundry or...umm any household chores for that matter except jam out to music and freaking run. Also, the concentration of running and fully focusing on the music mutes my inner dialogue (you self-analyzers out there get me).
  • Absolutely any song by Taking Back Sunday is great for running. Love punk while working out.
  • My shins started to hurt today, wah wah. Will push through.
  • I actually have more energy after I work out. So, I'm starting to think that this "runner's high" that everyone talks about could be a real thing, not that I've achieved it yet...
And that about sums it up. Hopefully I've painted a nice, pathetic little picture of me for everyone out there. I know ya'll were interested. And as I review my sweet little bullet list it really sounds like I'm a hard core runner. I am not. I am merely trying to survive as the treadmill belt goes on like a bat outta hell beneath me. We shall see where this leads one day.


whitney said...

yay! you may need to get some new running shoes if your shins hurt...it also helps to get new shoes at a legit running store b/c they'll have you run around the store or on a treadmill so they can see if you supinate or pronate (feet roll to the inside or outside) and they'll fit you with shoes that accommodate the issue. woohoo!

Cynthia said...

G.P. are ya with me?! I LOVE Stomp! Will and I used to cruise back from Chapel Hill with it BLARING...yes we got some funny looks! And "Taking Back Sunday", one of his faves! Maybe he's the angel on your shoulder saying "H E double hockey sticks,yeah you can do this!"!