Sunday, May 22, 2011

chicken potpie, ya'll

I've been in the mood for a chicken potpie since my neighbor mentioned making one last week. Surprisingly, I've never made one before. So that led me to rifle through my usual recipe databases. I always check first to see if there is a light way to fix it. Nothing there. I checked the two family cookbooks (one from John's grandma and one from my Mom's side of the family). I found one recipe but I didn't like that it had a stick of butter in it. Next and boom, there you have it. Here's the recipe that I tried. Delicious! I saved it in my Allrecipes "recipe box" because this is most definitely the one I'll be sticking with for like...ever. Loved it.

Chef Jessi's side note: I didn't make my own crust like the recipe does. I used frozen pie crust for the bottom and a frozen (then thawed) puff pastry sheet for the top. Yumm!!


PamCakes said...

Remember when we watched West Side Story when I was visiting?

Pallas said...

I'm so glad it turned out well! And the cute little stars are a nice touch.