Tuesday, May 10, 2011

strange (bucket list item #16)

So I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m. (yes, you read that correctly) to go to work. Now here's the real kicker...while I was getting ready for work (i.e. brushing teeth and putting on clothes, no need for make up or primping) I thought "hey, I should totally run a 5k". What!? Where the heck did that thought come from??? I don't enjoy running. Running makes me feel like I'm going to keel over and die. I literally hate every minute of running. After recovering from what can only be described as TBI I thought that the plus side to (maybe) running would be I wouldn't have to hate myself after eating that extra cookie. Or that extra brownie. Or whatever indulgence I plunge into at any given moment.

Let me explain something...every year around this time (I guess it has something to do with the fact that I'm rejoicing over being able to go outside and not get frostbite) I think that I could totally dominate running. Ha. ha. ha. Who am I kidding? (see above on feelings regarding running) My logical side says "you have a healthy body", "you need to prove to your chubby 10 year old self that you can do this", "it would make your husband so proud", "you could maybe have one thing in common with husband if you took up running", "this would be a great way to stay in shape".

The emotional (and let's be honest, more practical) side of me says "I don't want to pass out on a busy street while running", "husband should love me the way I am", "I don't want a stranger finding me unconscious in their front yard", "I can't even run with Dixie because she would totally drag me along the sidewalk", "and again, don't want to face public humiliation by passing out mid-run".

So I'm left with this: I have decided to add "complete a 5k" to my bucket list. It may happen later this year, it may happen in 10 years (yeah right) or maybe never (hey, there's my old self!). We'll see.

Now onto how the heck this idea got into my head...I swear John does some kind of neuro-conditioning on me while I'm sleeping. I've also been having thoughts of making bacon topped cupcakes, actually enjoying football and wanting to be more competitive at absolutely everything...now where could that be coming from? (I kid, I kid)


whitney e. barkman said...

do it! totally do it!!! coming from the girl who just had a cinco de mayo party the night before a half marathon and still finished...do it! i can send you some running plans if you want :) mapmyrun.com is like goodreads.com, only for running junkies :)

P Duvall said...

DO IT! i think thats awesomeee!!!

Emily said...

well i signed up for this http://usmcultimatechallengemudrun.eventbrite.com/ so i'm clearly crazy. you should do it!

Francesca said...

I do not like running either, besides it's bad for your uterus.
yoga is good.