Sunday, May 29, 2011


So I was just prepping some food for a cook out we're going to in a bit and thought I should "get my greens in" (to borrow the phrase from Tim Lail) while I was cooking. So I threw together a salad of sorts. It included spinach, red onions, feta and this. Let's rewind a bit.

A couple of months ago I went to the Pittsburgh Public Market with my friend and we ate lunch at a sweet little Greek place while we were there. She later commented that it had been the best Greek dressing she had and she was a little mad she hadn't bought a bottle. This left me inspired to make a Greek salad on my own. So I bought fat free Greek dressing from the grocery store. I was sorely disappointed, it did not fulfill my craving whatsoever. So yesterday I was at the PPM again and decided that I MUST buy a bottle of that Greek dressing, just cause.

Let's just say that in the little time that I woofed down the salad I thought this:
"Oh my God, I'm never buying another brand of Greek dressing"

"Should I eat another salad?! No, we're going to a cook out soon, don't want to spoil my appetite but it is a salad for Pete's sake."

"I have to buy more of this"

"I wonder if John will like it...probably not as much as I do so I shouldn't waste it on his immature taste buds (wink wink)"

"I need to write a blog post solely dedicated to this stuff"

"I wonder how it would be on chicken as a marinade"

"I wonder if it's easier to buy it online instead of going to PPM again, because of the horrid parking situation"

"When we move away from Pittsburgh I'm definitely still buying this"

"I never want to use another salad dressing again, EVER!"

"I'm buying this for family members for Christmas"

" I really hope I remember to buy this for them come Christmas time because everyone is going to love it!"

And no, I am not exaggerating on the mental process stated above. That all ran through my head in no less than 3-5 minutes. So if we're related, you're probably getting a bottle come December. If you live in Pittsburgh, you are a fool not to go buy it yourself. It's that good. Just sayin...


Heather said...

I want some! I love Greek dressing. :)

ABby said...

YUM! I hope I get to try it before Christmas ;)