Saturday, May 14, 2011

welcome home

I was greeted by this happy, if not hesitant face yesterday. Normal you may say. But no it's not normal because our dog doesn't wear clothes, like ever. So when I saw her jumping on the baby gate that separated me from her and saw that she was wearing her NC State basketball jersey I lost it. I laughed for like 5 minutes straight. And this is why...

Can you tell how tight it is on her? Yes, it is a tad too small.

Oh, the reason she has on a basketball jersey you may ask? Well she received it as a Christmas gift from my parents last year (2009) and she looks fabulous in it. Now the real reason she was wearing it yesterday. So we've had a couple of thunderstorms round these parts lately. Dixie does not take well to t-storms. So much so that she pooped in our living room two nights ago out of sheer nerves (so I like to think), with us right there! Household pooping is not normal for this dog. When a t-storm comes she gets all nervous and pants and paces for hours on end. There is no soothing, she will have none of it. Maybe you remember when she broke down her baby gate due to a t-storm. So I told John how my aunt Donna told me about a Thunder Shirt she bought her dog for this very reason. So I guess while I was at work yesterday and a t-storm came John took it into his own hands to create his version of Thunder Shirt, which leads us to her too tight NC State bball jersey.

And that picture is pretty much what she was like the entire time she had on the jersey. She acted like a lifeless old lady. She couldn't even find the strength to hop up on the couch when asked to. Or to do any of her tricks. And get this, she didn't even chase her ball when it was thrown to her! This is not our spunky four legged pal. So after I finished laughing at her and made a few jokes about her gaining weight and not being able to fit in a shirt a year and a half later I asked John to please take the dang jersey off of her because she was scaring me.

(I think that was during the fat jokes, she couldn't even look at the camera...poor baby. Yes, I apologized to her later because no female likes fat jokes)

Anyway so I guess our homemade Thunder Shirt served it's purpose. She stayed in one place and panted and there were no pooping sprees. Although we may have to buy a size up and get used to her being lifeless during a t-storm. You win some you lose some.

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Heather said...

Cracking up! I man seriously laughing out loud right now...Paige is looking at me like I'm crazy! :)