Wednesday, February 4, 2009

they'll make a Pens fan of me yet

A few days ago one of my friends at work asked me if I wanted to go to a Pittsburgh Penguins (the burgh's very own NHL team) game on Wednesday. I of course said yes because I know that she loves the Pens and she would be dying to go. I think its safe to say that everyone knows I'm not a big sports fan but I decided, hey why not? I've never even seen a hockey game...I didn't even know the intervals of time that they played. But I learned it friend Shannon filled me in on this and that...mainly who the big players were, that there were three 20 minute intervals, who the "fighter" of the team was and so on. Sad to say, there was only a small fight...I never thought I would be a person rooting for a fight, but I was. And the Pens were losing by 3 points when Shan thought it was time to leave. I think she was getting upset with them, so I just followed her lead. See, she's just one of the sports addicts in my office who has grown up and lived in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area their whole life, making them obsessed with the sports teams...don't even get me started on the craziness about the Steelers and the Superbowl. (Congrats to the Steelers though, the whole city is very proud of you guys.) Anyway, I had a really good time, I enjoyed watching hockey it was a different experience and I'm really glad that I went. (I even went out and bought a Pens t-shirt last night so I would have something to wear to the game! I felt like such a fan!)

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Emily said...

I applaud your positive outlook on hockey because living with a huge hockey fan, I can tell you that it is my least favorite sport and watching it makes me cold.