Wednesday, February 11, 2009

birthday weekend

Ok, here is the story of my birthday weekend (sorry it's taken so long to post):

As you all know, John told me to pack a bag for this past weekend but he wasn't telling me anything about where we were going. So of course we were up and ready to go on Saturday morning (I'm saying this like it was easy, please people, no morning is easy for me but with the promise of an exciting adventure, I jumped out of bed). John drove and I had no idea where we were going because I still don't know the area outside of the city well. Well, eventually we drove up to Kentuck Knob (a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). FLW is well known for his artwork and especially the houses he designed. If you wish to read a little about him, here you go: He is well known for his work Fallingwater but we went to Kentuck Knob first. What an incredible home! I mean he was so innovative and creative, it was stunning and quite incredible! (

Our next stop was none other than Fallingwater ( And I do it no justice by saying it was one of the most amazing pieces of art I've ever seen in my life! Please go on the website and read about it, the story behind it is very interesting. When we were originally looking at living in Pittsburgh we saw that Fallingwater wasn't far and I told John that if we ended up living here then I would love to go see it (aww he remembered).

Our next stop was the first battle that George Washington ever fought in, Fort Necessity ( Yes, we are total nerds, our weekend trip included famous architecture and a little history lesson. But I wouldn't have it any other way, we both love that stuff and it was so fun!

Then we ended up checking into a sweet little bed and breakfast ( It was so great! So cute and definitely made me a lover of B&Bs! I would love to travel B&Bs all over the world now! Please look at the website, it does it more justice than I can.

Our last stop before returning back to the B&B was Caileigh's Restaurant, this gorgeous Victorian home with even more gorgeous and delicious food inside!! Mmmm mmm it was so good!! ( It was a wonderful trip and I loved every minute of it!!! My next post will be of some pictures since I know this one is getting quite lengthy.

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delores lail said...

Hope there are a lot of bathrooms in that house! Can you imagine hearing falling water nonstop? The house is AWESOME!

BTW, Love the dress, nice designer find, very pretty. The entire trip sounds so relaxing and lovely. John did very good in keeping this surprise. I think is he a huge "romantic" at heart!