Sunday, February 22, 2009

eat. pray. love.

I mean to be honest, those are the 3 most important things in the world (at least to me), so what else is there? Well Eat. Pray. Love. just so happens to be the subject of my most recent book review. EPL (for short) was recommended to me by my cuzzie, Emily and what a great recommendation it was! I loved it! It was very exciting and fun to read. I love books that open my mind to a new set of ideas or allow me to view the world in a way that I've never viewed it before. Those are my favorite kinds of books and this one definitely embodied all of that. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants an interesting book to read. I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Its about a woman who has recently come out of a terrible divorce and decided to travel for a year. She visits three countries for four months each: Eat(Italy) Pray (India) and Love (Indonesia). Go rent or buy it...I would give it to you if I owned it, but the copy I read is Emily' sorry about that, but go get your hands on it!


Emily said...

BTW, I actually found that book laying on Will's bedroom floor about a week before his accident. I was like "Why does he have this book? It looks like something I would want to read!" Turns out it was sent to him free by some book club I think. Thanks Will!

Cynthia said...

And who said nothing in life is free? Anyway, Will loved to eat, prayed, and loved everyone. Maybe it wasn't a fluke.