Wednesday, February 18, 2009

missing summer and the beach

This long, cold winter ain't easy on our Southern bodies and souls. I am seriously missing the summer weather and the beautiful ocean. (Disclaimer: this may be a dramatic post) I really feel like there is a longing in my soul, the ocean is calling me to come back. I think about it everyday at work and how much I just wish I was on the beach. And it doesn't help to have an aunt who lives 10 minutes from the beach who brags about going on walks with her husband and her dog when I'm stuck in my house because of snow. (You know who you are nameless aunt...happy birthday by the way!! I love you very much Donna!) are some pics from awhile ago that Mom took of me, Katie and John. Enjoy!


Francesca said...

I love you more than my walks on the beach. I understand that longing in your heart,so here is a site where you can view the beach. If you look carefully you might just catch me and Ruby walking.(Darryl will must likely be in the water)

Heather said...

Great photos of you lovely ladies! I miss warm weather too. Yes, I know we are not stuck in the frozen tundra like you, but I do like when things start warming up so I can garden. Hang in there!

Cynthia said...

I remember helping your mom take those I long for the "good ole days". I miss the beach too and hope I can go back someday!