Thursday, February 26, 2009

new obsession

Let me begin this with a disclaimer...I do not like country music. However, I do LOVE Taylor Swift! Her music is great! She is absolutely gorgeous and has the voice to match! She has a lot of sweet songs like; "Our Song", "Love Song", and "Tim McGraw" and then some sassy, "angry girl" songs like "Should've Said No" and "Picture to Burn". I'm sure that most of you already know all about her, however since I do not like country music, I denied for the longest time that I actually liked her songs. Oh well, what can I say, I'm a sucker for Taylor Swift and her lovely music. Katie made me a Tay Swift cd for V-day and I've been listening to it every day at work ever since! When I listen to her music it makes me want to be a teenager again, walking down those country roads with a sun dress on...wait, did I ever do that? No, but if I could go back I definitely would! Watching her music videos encourages me to wear my cowgirl boots up in the north, danget! (Note to self: I must die my hair very, very blond and grow it out long again...then I must learn how to make lovely curls like Tay has, always perfect and intact.) Anyway, LOVE her to pieces! Go listen to some songs :)


katie said...

umm..duh im obsessed with her
all im sayin is we better get tickets to her concert

Emily said...

I like her too and Tommy LOVES her. I read an article about her the other day that said she is about to outsell Mariah Carey's #1 selling album of all time. Pretty impressive! I like her version of Wham's Last Christmas that they played all holiday season 2008.

Mom said...

You know Tay is on CSI Thursday night. I think she sings too!