Tuesday, August 2, 2011

today's run

I like posting stuff about my runs because I like to imagine that you are somewhat interested in progress/daily struggles and to be honest, it makes me feel good to say that I'm still running, therefore there is a higher chance that I will continue this craziness.  So here are some things from today's run:
  •  My entire body was begging me not to run but I did anyway (yay me for staying dedicated!) and ended up running past the original distance I set for myself (whoop whoop!).  Fist pump.
  • Songs that I listened to and haven't heard in a hot second, yet seem to be giving me an odd sense of motivation to continue running: Bossy by Kelis and Nookie by Limp Bizkit.  I think Bossy gave some motivation because let's be honest, it's just an awesome song.  As for Nookie, I have no idea where that motivation came from except that I haven't heard it in a looooong time and it made me laugh.
  • When I was done I was sweating all over, like we're talking places I didn't know could sweat.  How does that happen?  Ewww.
  • After I changed clothes (into gardening clothes, I'm getting ready to weed the yard...yes, I lead a glamorous life) and thought I was somewhat dry, I get up from the couch and there's butt sweat.  Yes, butt sweat.  Awesome.  Gross times like a million.  Yuck. 
  • Shins are doing OK.  They still ache a little even though the pain has gone down a lot.  And I still think it's worth it...I keep telling myself that.  
So sorry if it's a boring post folks but that's pretty much my life as of right now.  And oh yeah, I'm going to a hula hoop class with friends tonight so I shall report back tomorrow!  


whitney said...

woohoo! try wrapping your shins when you run, that might help with the pain and you'll look cool...people will think you're a marathon runner :)

Mom said...

I can see you in motion and cheering you on!!....but really, at the point where you find your sofa, we really don't need to know "everything" really, we're good! : )