Saturday, August 6, 2011

dixie learned a new trick

And no, it's not merengue dancing like this dog, although we'll start working on that stat.  Her new little trick is self taught.  Whenever I'm opening my laptop and she is having a rare moment of desperation she will simply close it back.  That's right.  And it's happened twice in the past day.  She will snout-butt (not to be confused with headbutt) my arm out of the way and then quickly close the laptop by lying her head on it until it snaps shut.  (please note that the laptop is never fully open when this happens, only a mere couple of inches...because when this dog wants attention she wants it now)  She then jumps up next to me on the couch and pants like a madwoman with stanky dog breath in my face until she has had sufficient belly/side/head rubbing.  Then she quickly hops off and runs toward her beloved ball.  Only then am I allowed to do my computer bidding. 

Oh and btw, I bought some doggy toothpaste and a doggy toothbrush because she is starting to have some mad tartar buildup on her teeth.  Have any of you ever brushed your dog's teeth?  How did you ease into the process and how did the dog react to it?  And yes, I've tried a ton of "tartar blocking" bones and dental treats and they are c-r-a-p.  Any helpful tips are much appreciated!

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