Friday, August 5, 2011

holy (they're filming the movie in pittsburgh) batman!

Yes, it is true that they're filming the next Batman movie in Pittsburgh right now!  And so far I've heard of three different sitings of the Batmobile.  John saw three (I guess they need extras?) Batmobiles covered up in tarps when it was raining the other day.  (For those who know Pittsburgh, they've had a hunk of 5th Avenue blocked off the past few days so they can shoot scenes)  Another friend simply saw the Batmobile.  And another friend was telling me about a couple getting married at Saint Paul Cathedral and after the ceremony they were taking pictures...well lo and behold the freaking Batmobile was right across the street!  So the couple walked over and asked the movie folks if they could get a wedding picture with the Batmobile and the people said yes!  I mean how BA is that?!  I was a tad jealous.  I also know a lady that's going to be an extra in the film.  Aaaaaand there was a casting call for extras for CMU students which John did not attend......and that's all of my connections to the filming of the next Batman movie. 

PS-My eyes will be peeled for Christian Bale sitings.  

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