Monday, August 22, 2011

and the britney song was on...

Sooo the Britney Spears concert was AMAZING!  She was incredible (which was to be expected)!  I wish it would have lasted a tad longer, but you can't always get what you want, right?  Oh, and I didn't tell you the best sweet cousin ABby came with me!!  That's right, she flew her little booty up here and went with me and we had a blast!  Thanks so much for coming Abs, I love you!!!  Here are some pics (most of them courtesy to Abby because I never take pics and she was awesome enough to take control of my camera and document for me, sanks!).

anxiously awaiting for B to come out

our Britney outfits (sorry Sterling, I couldn't locate the red pleather jumpsuit)

DJ Pauly D opened for B, Abby was thrilled (fist pumping)

when the Queen B first came out :)

B in the flesh

How I Roll set (one of our fave songs on her new album)

love this outfit :) 

performing some of her old school songs, love that

amazing end to an amazing show
(singing here: Till The World Ends--love this song!!)


ABby said...

Yay! I had so much fun! Those pics are something to be desired, but we will blame it on the double conjunc. :)

katie said...

aww! yall look great! Looks like you girls had so much fun!