Wednesday, August 24, 2011

oh my glee

Before Abby even came to Pittsburgh, we set a date to see Glee 3D.  So the first night she was here we ate some delicious Mexican food and walked on over to the theater to see this gem.  And what a gem it was!  After I got over the initial shock of paying for a 3D movie on a weeknight (yes, I've gone to 3D on a week night but this was even more expensive) I was able to sit down and enjoy the show.  We figured out that the extra cost was because we had to pay for our stupid 3D glasses.  Then they asked us to recycle them at the end, to which I said (to Abby): "I recycle many things, I will not be recycling this stupid glasses that I just paid for."  Done and done. 

So back to the show...for those of you that are curious/confused about what this movie exactly is: it is basically a concert that you're watching in a theater in 3D.  Duh, read the movie poster.  Don't worry, we were still confused until we were actually experiencing it.  So they played all the big songs and had little interviews with all the cast members as well as some Gleeks.  Also, they highlighted 3 or 4 particularly special Gleeks and told their stories of how Glee made their lives better/more awesome (btw, no one was knocking at my door for a story, just sayin...).  I have to say the little personal stories were quite cute.  So between the personal stories and seeing the "live" performance (I get emotional at live performances) there were a few tears shed.  Definitely worth the money (+ totally still have the 3D glasses in my purse, you never know when you'll need them)!  I highly suggest any of you Gleeks out there that haven't seen it go see it, now!  Also, stay through some of the credits...they do a little encore performance.

Spoiler alert: There is an adorable little Asian in this movie, and no, it's not Mike Chang.

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katie said...

Me and my roomie tried to go see this last night! ITS NOT playing...I'm so mad!