Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hoopin' ain't easy

As previously stated, I went to a hula hooping (?) class yesterday with some friends.  It wasn't so much a class as it was just a group of people gathered together to do some hooping.  And there was music playing, which was nice.  But I really enjoyed it!  I was able to talk to my friends while attempting to hula hoop.  Which apparently I haven't done (without the aid of Wii Fit) since I was a child.  I thought that I was a good hooper until I attempted this class.  Thankfully, one of my friends is a great hooper and showed me some tricks to get the thing to stay up and continue going round and round.  I should've taken a picture but since I am notorious for never taking my camera anywhere there was nothing to document this excursion.  If  I may, let me paint a picture for you...I am decked out in work out gear and am standing in the middle of a church yard with about 25 other people trying to get a dang hoop to stay around my hips.  I'm quite proud of my hips (since there's really nothing else I can do about it except be happy that I have them because they aren't going anywhere) so I thought they would be helpful in the hooping area.  Not so much.  But finally, after watching little girls and their mothers literally shame me in my hooping skills, I got the hang of it.  And I worked up a freaking sweat.  So for those of you in the Pittsburgh area, here's where I went: hula hoop gathering and for those of you not living here, I'm sure there are places in your city that offer similar classes/gatherings.  I highly recommend it to someone who wants to try something new or if you are a mom/grandma/someone responsible for a child, it's very kid friendly. 


Kristen said...

Oh man that was fun! Thanks so much for inviting me. I've got a bruise on my hip where the hoop kept hitting me, though...need more practice!

Heather said...

This is hilarious...and a great idea. I would have paid money to see a picture. Remember that camera next time!

Kathy said...

Anna has a hoop...needless to say I couldn't get it to work (must be a defect). Did I read correctly that the next Batman movie is being filmed in Pittsburgh? Have to locked John in the basement?