Friday, August 12, 2011

simply put: things i like

Here's a list of a few things I like (and you should too!):

JASON all natural lavender body wash.  So fresh and so clean, clean.  Also, loving the pump on the bottle.  It's a great value and I found it here.  No this is not an endorsement (although if they want to pay me that's cool too).

Multi Vites Adult Gummy Vitamins.  Not just for kids anymore!  As some of you may know, I do not like swallowing pills.  I swallowed my first pill on my 17th birthday, yes, that is correct, 17th.  It was totally a mind over matter thing, whatever.  With that said, I still don't enjoy swallowing pills which makes gummy vitamins perfect for me!  And you can join the club my family has created by making fun of me for taking gummy vites at the ripe old age of 25.  Because I.don'  I get nutritional supplements and a little treat all wrapped into two little gummies each morning.  Please and thank you.  Plus these are cheaper than the ones at Target, so holla for that!  Oh and let me link that up for can buy these here.

While we're on the gummy kick, why not add calcium gummies, am I right?  Right.  Because let's be honest, as a woman I am prone to be calcium deficient so here we go.  Problem solved.  I tried the chocolate calcium supplements but after a few weeks I got tired of them, because they just tasted...chalky...yuck.  Then I saw these sweet little things and ordered them here, go figure.  Oh and also, I saw that they have prenatal gummy vitamins (you know, when that happens one day) so I'm pretty much set for life!!

I bought a pair of Danskin Now Leggings yesterday at Walmart for $8!! Yeah, I know, $8!!  I like to run in capri length/legging material pants because while I'm running I don't want my clothes going anywhere.  Like I don't want them riding up/slipping down/any other way of clothes moving around kinda thing going on because I can't be bothered with that kind of stuff while I'm trying not to pass out from running exhaustion.  So I ran in these last night (which means they were totally sweat soaked, pretty picture, right?) annnnd kept them on after that and I'm wearing them today!  I smelled to make sure they weren't funky this morning.  You can judge me later.  Plus, when I wear them around the house I feel like a super cool yoga instructor.  So this is really a win-win-win situation.  I'm going to buy more pairs of these so I can wear them now, all the way through the fall and let's be honest, the winter (with Uggs) and not have to smell for the funk of "after run".  Yesssss, I will be washing them but it doesn't hurt to have multiple pairs of something you really love, right?  Right.


Anonymous said...

hahah such a baby...

Anna said...

Chewy vitamins are awesome!