Tuesday, November 4, 2008

voting day

Hi, I hope you all had a happy, hassle-free voting day. PA doesn't have early voting so I knew that I was going to get the brunt of that since I had to vote after work with the rest of working class Pittsburgh. I was driving home preparing myself for a long, long line. The traffic getting home was much worse than usual, you can imagine I was getting more anxious and not excited by the minute (I was semi-cursing my civic duty...no I'm not unpatriotic but I'm also not happy about 4 hour long lines). Anyway, I get home, change into comfy clothes (because you know I'm not standing in my work clothes for 4 more hours) and grabbed my purse and a book (duh, I mean I am a bookworm) just in case, and head out the door. Oh by the way, the place we were supposed to vote at is less than a block from our house. So I walk down the street, up to the church, and into the appropriate door (thank you to hubby's voicemail earlier in the day telling me that there are in fact 3 districts voting at the same church...he told me the correct door to walk to)...I see no line, wait...that's weird and walk in...no people waiting, just volunteers sitting at tables looking slightly disgruntled. Interesting. I'm a little bewildered. So I walk up to the first table and they look at me as if I've walked in with two heads attached to my body, once I make it clear that I'm there to vote (duh, this is the voting room) and I don't know what to do they finally muster enough energy to ask my name and then direct me to the next table because I am supposed to be at the other table...duh. Anywho...they directed me to the voting "booth"/touch screen where I voted and I was out. Five minutes tops. All of that anxiety and grumbling for nothing. Huh. Oddly enough I felt a huge sense of American pride after I voted (I can just hear one of my college professors saying "that's what they want you to feel" right now in the back of my head). Well, that's my voting story and I'm stickin to it.

By the way, blog fans, these JKs will be making our way on down to NC for my cousin Emily's wedding! Wahoo!! So there will be a lack of posts, but don't worry I'm sure I'll be able to make up for it when I get back with plenty of wonderful wedding tales and pics!! :) See ya soon!

PS-Oh, and I didn't get an "I Voted!" sticker today...maybe I'm a little bitter. I guess directing people to which touch screen to go to is just so exhausting that you can't hand out patriotic stickers to the loyal citizens who drug their butts to the polls. (Can anyone tell that I'm tired right now and its been a long day?...yeah didn't think so)

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