Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm watching De-Lovely right now. I've seen it before and wasn't extremely impressed but whatever, I can always get sucked into a movie that was set decades ago and one that stars the beautiful Ashley Judd. I just think she's adorable so this post is dedicated to her. I love any movie she's in, mostly because of her, she just has a strong presence about her. She seems so confident and she's just so darn pretty. Not unrealistic pretty, she seems very natural. I think she's one of my favorite actresses. And I love the time which the movie is set, mostly the 20s, 30s, and 40s. The clothes, the hair, the jewelry, the romance...oh I love it! I wish I could do my hair like Ashley Judd's in the movie, its gorgeous! But I'm not much of a hair person, I love it but I can never do my hair in beautiful, exotic ways. Well I'm going to leave you with a few pics of my fave actress, Ms. Ashley Judd!


Cynthia said...

Don't forget how great she was in "Where The Heart Is"! Love that movie...saw it a few times at the beach!

Ginny said...

You might like to know that Ashley Judd was in Chapel Hill at the basketball game the other day. She had on her Kentucky t-shirt and pig tails. I love her too!!