Tuesday, January 1, 2013

christmas party (lail style)

My family was sweet enough to throw a Christmas party while I was in town so that we could all mingle with some friends.  Everything was perfect!  The food, the decorations, the company...it couldn't have been better!  Thanks to Mom, Dad and Katie for all of the time, money and effort y'all put into creating that night, I loved every minute of it!  Here's some pics from the event...

college and high school friends (Paula, Morgan, Allison, me, Dina and Teresa)

they love John :)

the Kelly's, y'all

me and Sterling (Katie's bestie since elementary school)

Meghan (one of Katie's other besties), me, Katie and Sterling

all the way from Dallas y'all...Paula!!

my sweet Dina

me and Teresa, goofy as usual :)

Morgan and me 

my Allicat :)

Katie sandwich
Katie, me, Katy (one of my best friends growing up)

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P Duvall said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!! so thankful that i got to see your gorgeous face!!!! mwahhhhhhhh