Saturday, January 12, 2013

christmas eve

Yes, I know this is like a month late but here's some pictures from Christmas Eve.  The first ones are when we returned from the church service and the rest are Christmas PJ pics :)

me and my girls

husband :)

my sweet parents

Katie and her boo
(By the way, I was dying laughing while taking this picture, we all were.  I think this is the only one out of like 10 that wasn't blurry because I was shaking from laughing so hard. My sister is hilarious y'all.)

girls in their matching jammies, tradition y'all

McKayla (Katie) is not impressed

Lail fam

sisters in front of the Christmas tree, so sweet

i made John pose for this :)

camera stealer, per use

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PamCakes said...

Love the PJ photos - so fun!