Monday, January 21, 2013


I've spent my three day weekend watching this: 


I watched the first season on Netflix months ago and my mother-in-law lent me the second season (which I'm happy to say I blew through in about a week and a half) and now I'm onto the third (current) season!  This show really is amazing, there's so much going on.  I love it!  I love all of the manners and how things were done a certain way, how people still dressed up really nicely for dinners, all of it.  And I have this funny habit of adapting the dialect of the book I'm currently reading or show I'm watching.  So in my head I'm speaking with an English accent and trying really hard not to use it out loud since my impersonation of an English accent is awful (but in my head it's perfect).  So yeah, that's what has been happening around here lately.

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Heather said...

I know!! It just sucks you in. I was flipping the station a while back and came across it before it was BIG here. I couldn't stop watching and then later found out it was becoming cool in the states. I like to think I started the trend. :) Kathy and I made the boys flip fro football to watch it last night.