Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today when I got in my car it was 6 degrees.  That's right, 6 degrees.  When you factor in the windchill it was -9 degrees.  That just ain't right.  So yeah, it's been pretty stinkin cold around here, which brings me to my next point...

Remember when I said I made mason jar salads last week?  Well I did them again this week but chose a different salad.  The one I chose was a poppyseed dressing salad which contains a lot of fruit as well as veggies.  I don't know if you are well aware but berries and pineapple are not exactly in season around here right now and cost a pretty penny.  But when I went to the store on Sunday I was determined to buy the stuff for the salad even though it was getting pretty costly but all in the name of health, right?  I mean, I'm embarrassed to admit that the blueberries were around $5 and same with the pineapple and strawberries.  BUT  it was all worth it when I ate my salad at lunch today!  As I mentioned, it is unbearably cold here today but when I was eating my salad I was thinking how delicious assorted berries taste and how great summertime is.  This salad tastes like summertime.  And if you need a little warm weather food to remember that winter is not forever, I'll share the salad line up with you, layer it in the jar as listed (or just toss it together in a bowl and eat immediately):

-poppyseed dressing
-carrot shreds
-green peas
-raspberries (I used strawberries instead.  And I added craisins because I have like a million of them.)

(recipe taken from: my not-so-simple life)

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PamCakes said...

Ha, the fruit was still probably cheaper than in NYC! And at least you have a car - I walked a mile in the 12 degree weather.... brrr!

Love you!