Monday, December 31, 2012

ice skating

The week before we left for NC, John and I decided to be festive and go ice skating downtown.  Let's just say that I am not coordinated at all nor do I have much experience with skating in general (ice or roller).  My anxiety going into this activity was off the charts.  And the people zipping around the rink doing triple axles didn't help either.  That last part was made up.  But maybe I saw one triple axle.  Anyway, bless John's heart, he was so patient with me and didn't get irritated/show signs of wanting to knock me out.  He demonstrated the correct skating method numerous times.  I tried my best to convince him that it simply didn't work that way for me.  Well it did, eventually.  I ended up having a wonderful time!  It was very festive and I loved being able to share that experience with him.  We went walking around downtown ( it's pronounced here, ugh) and took some pictures of the Christmas decor.

the tree at the rink, practically Rockefeller Center :)

I'm pretty sure right before this picture I said "John we need a picture now before I fall and need to be carried out of here!!".  Just a calm, festive evening skating around a tree.

dahntahn decor

John getting artsy with the decor.

sweet tree on the corner of a building

big park downtown with blue snowflakes and Christmas trees

 blue Christmas

big tree, from a distance

a little closer now

a cool bridge leading to the downtown park, I think it looks pretty sweet

this was like the 20th take of this picture, finally the three of us (tree included) fit in

The hotel on the left is where we stayed the very first time we visited Pittsburgh. Oh, nostalgia.

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