Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the time my fam went to lynyrd skynyrd

For Father's Day we got my dad tickets to go see Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers.  It just so happened to work out that we were going to be in NC at the time so the whole family got tickets.  Unfortunately, John wasn't able to make the trip with me so he gave his ticket to Abby and although I'm sad he couldn't make it, I'm really happy she was able to come!  We did do a shout out for John during Simple Man (his favorite Skynyrd song).  Y'all, this concert was amazing!  The people tailgating were a show in and of themselves!  But really, the music was incredible.  I thought I was going to enjoy the Allman Bros more (mostly because of their jam band type music) but I actually had a blast during Lynyrd Skynyrd and mellowed out during Allman Bros (and maybe dozed off a little, not for lack of excitement but more for the lulling sounds of their jams and extreme exhaustion).  It was even more special because of the people I was with!  Let me tell you, my family is a fun concert crowd (as long as we all like the artists)!  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Here's some pics :)

family tailgating

the spread, thanks Mom!

we. are. family!

we had to pose with a rebel flag, i mean it IS lynyrd skynyrd

kinda dark, but the whole group :)

me and the birthday boy (well, it was his birthday eve)

Mom and her girls


sister sister

fam at the beginning of the concert

to Dad!!

At the end of the night.  We were pretty exhausted...and stinky.

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Matthew said...

Simple Man is also my favorite Skynyrd song!