Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the lion king 3D & new bucket list item

Ever since I saw the preview for The Lion King 3D at Glee 3D, I knew I had to go see it!  And seeing as it's John's fave Disney movie, I knew we had a date night in the near future.  Tonight was the night.  It was sooooo wonderful!  I think it was part-amazing story and part-reliving our childhoods.  I loved it, I really did.  And I may have cried...twice.  Once when Simba was introduced to the kingdom and once when (spoiler alert) Mufasa dies.  Sad times people, sad times.  But all in all it was definitely worth the inflated price for the 3D viewing.  Although, judging from the previews I won't be going to see any more 3D movies in the near future.  Slim pickins.  And can I get an amen on being sick that everything is 3D now?  

Also, during the movie I made a major life decision.  Which brings us to.....

18. When we have a child I will present him/her to our family as Simba was presented to the kingdom.  

No I'm not kidding.  No, I didn't consult John nor do I plan to, he will simply agree that it's a necessity.  Family, be prepared.  


Allison said...

haha i love that idea! and i love that John hasn't had a say yet. Cam from modern family would be so proud.

ABby said...

love it. love you. already discussed. and I will be prepared as long as you sang it in your head like scar as you typed it. you did? great. can't wait!

P Duvall said...

pajajajajajaja i LOVE That!!!! my fam went to see it lsaat night but i couldnt ugh! i will be soon tho! :) miss you!!!