Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If ya'll thought I could be a diva you clearly haven't met my dog.  She is the ultimate diva.

(probably barking at me because something didn't go her way)

She has her diva tendencies from day to day but she has been in full on Diva Mode the past two days.  You see, John's parents were here this past weekend (we had a wonderful time with them) and I am convinced that Dixie's best friend is John's mom, Kathy.  Dixie looooves her.  (Probably because she knows that Kathy suggested her cute little name.)  Nonetheless, Kathy loves Dixie very much too.  This translates to Diva that she has a playmate 24/7.  You should have seen her this weekend.  She wouldn't let Kathy sit down without a ball instantly being thrown in her lap.  If Kathy got up, Dixie got up.  Dixie would even go as far to bark (bad girl!) when Kathy didn't throw the ball as quickly as Diva wished. 

Now that they've traveled back to TN Dixie is in full swing.  Yesterday, when I tried to take her on a walk she refused and tried to drag me back to the house twice.  There were no loud noises, no impending danger...I'm guessing it's because her buddy wasn't with us and she simply didn't see the point in a walk.  We've got her pretty well trained that we'll play with her for a bit but after that she doesn't need to annoy the crap out of us with her ball.  Au contraire my friend.  She's been throwing the ball in my lap (read: face) all night tonight.  When I just let it stay there instead of throwing the sliminess back towards her she deliberately barked real loud-like in my face.  Umm no.  Not cool, Diva.  Just a few minutes ago she slumped down on the ground and flailed her body while simultaneously letting out the biggest sigh I've ever heard.  Poor Princess.  Nobody is attending to her every need.  Now I'm off to indulge her and do a little ball throwing...Lord help me.

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Heather said...

Cracking up! Kathy is a GREAT spoiler of grandchildren and granddogs...it's her job. :)