Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the shred

Sorry I've been MIA so far this week.  When I get home from work I usually Shred, then cook/heat up leftovers, zone out on Facebook/Pinterest/stalking blogs, shower and go to bed.  Pretty exciting, right?  Yep, try not to be jealous.

Anyway, to the Shred report: it's intense.  I'm keeping it low key this week and sticking to the Level One workout.  I don't want to hurt myself too bad, ya know?  I started on Sunday and I'm happy to report that today is the first day that I didn't have to go down the stairs like a 94 year old woman.  That's how much the muscles in my thighs were aching.  And the first couple of days I could feel my abs (there's actually muscles there?) contract with every move I made.  But I really like it, like a lot.  I like that Jillian is intense and the workouts are rather quick.  I told my sister that when I approach the workout out I think "I can do anything for 20 minutes".  She questioned that.  To be fair, there are some things I couldn't do for 20 minutes but when it comes to exercise I like to think that I could.  Confidence is where it's at ya'll.  After each workout I really feel like I've given it my all and the workout has in turn kicked my butt.  A good kind of butt kickin.  So I'm definitely sticking with it, although I'll be taking Fridays off to kind of give myself a little break. 

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