Saturday, June 4, 2011

what is it with macarons?

(image found here)

Seriously, I've been seeing these things all up in the blogosphere. What is so great about them? Better yet, why do I have negative feelings towards them since I've never tried one? Well, if I have tried one it didn't leave a lasting impression. Am I missing out on something here? Because they are all over Pinterest and this blog and this lady loves them. ya'll like them? I hate missing out. Maybe I should buy some...maybe not, then I would have to run more which means my knee may blow out (John informed me that my knee cannot blow out from running, it would have to be a more intense sport for an injury like that. I simply told him he was wrong and was not aware of what's going on in my joints, thank you very much.). But that's a convo for another day.

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Cynthia said...

I got caught up in the cupcake craze but I will NOT fall for macaroons!