Sunday, June 26, 2011

housekeeping things

Remember when you would go to camp or day program or really an office in your adult life or somewhere that was organized and they would say, "ok we need to take care of a few housekeeping things" and it would really be about your behavior or conduct or whatnot? Yeah, I hated that. So I thought it was good to use as a title so that I could then explain my thoughts on the phrase. Good idea, I know.

Now back to business, we are officially back in PA. Now that was a loooong drive. And we picked up a car in TN (we now have two cars, yippee!) so that meant no switching up the driving and taking naps. It also meant sticking in many mixed CDs without labels and blasting them because I'm the only one in the car. I think the funniest product of said unmarked CDs was one that had Who Let The Dogs Out (remix) on it. And that was the only song on it. Where the heck did that one come from?

Next, if you can scroll through this page and not smile or think "oh my" then I will give you $100. Or just a hug because we just came back from vacay and I don't really have a lot of $100 bills laying around, I'm sure you understand :)

Also, remember when I posted about classy jello shots? Well, how about this pretty little thing? I'll take it!

(found here)

And lastly, there is a precious girl (young lady, if you will) who is a dear friend of my sister's and a sweet friend to our family. And last night she won MISS NORTH CAROLINA!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS HAILEY BEST!! Now tell me that isn't the proudest, sweetest smile you ever saw...

(pic found here)

I promise more updates will come tomorrow in the form of photos, re-telling of stories and some movie/book reviews :)

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