Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a few books

This was cute.  It's along the lines of your "recently divorced woman, what will she do with her life, she decides to work for a private eye agency" kind of thing.  Not phenomenal but it was entertaining.  I would probably give it a B if it were receiving a report card.  So yeah, there you go.

Now this is a book I can get behind.  I loved it!  In the words of my sweet niece, "I'm a fan of"...this book.  Ronda Rich definitely speaks truth and has a good sense of humor doing it.  Also, it speaks to the hearts of women who have grown up in churches in the South.  She would tell a story and I would think "yep, I've experienced that" or "yep, I can totally imagine that".  Good stuff people, good stuff.  So if you are a Southern belle and would like to have your heart spoken to, do yourself a favor and pick this gem up.  Also, if you are in my circle of family/friends where we trade books...my mom currently has it so you can take it up with her if you want it next.  Holla.

 And now we jump to a whole different type of literature with this book.  What a great book!  Be forewarned though: this book is dark, kinda twisted and a tad bit creepy.  Like for instance: I was reading it while we were at John's parents' house and it was like hmmm midnight (?) and we were in the middle of a thunderstorm.  The power flickered and I literally jumped in my seat.  John was like "are you serious?" and I said "you have NO idea what I"m reading right now".  So for the first 200-300 pages of this book you're going to have to push through to even have an idea of who this character is and how they connect to that character.  BUT once you've passed the 300 page mark (just guessing here) you want to get nuzzled on your couch with your doors locked, lights on and a generator just in case.  Just sayin.  And in the middle of the creepy parts I was thinking "there is no way I'm reading the rest of this series" but by the end I already knew there was no way I couldn't read the other two books.  I am taking a breather from them for right now.  First of all, they were originally written in Swedish so you have to decipher some of the stuff that doesn't translate (like uh...their names, for instance) and there's just a lot of heavy stuff in the book you'll have to process.  That makes it sound like kind of a pain to read.  But if you're looking for a really good book and not purely lighthearted then you must try it.  A+

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