Friday, June 3, 2011

a few things

1. I ate some watermelon yesterday and decided it was high time to buy one. So I bought an entire watermelon. There are two of us. We are leaving for vacation in a few days. I didn't realize the true girth of the melon until I was cutting it up into bits (re: watermelon massacre) for easy eating and access in a tupperware container. And I may or may not have had to eat a substantial amount for it to actually fit in our largest tupperware. Oops.

2. I took pooch running yesterday. It was a delightfully breezy 70-something day. That part was nice. However, 2 minutes into the run I had to stop because tears were literally brimming in my eyes. I felt like long, large nails were being driven up my shins and into my knees.'s time for new shoes. I had to give myself a pep talk after the first 2 minutes in order to actually complete my run. Let's just say that on the return home I was cursing any and everything (in my head, of course). Namely my intent to run and my body's lack of ability to be unreasonably awesome. Ugh.

3. I like to bring back phrases. A few close friends and family members are with me on this and I appreciate a good throwback phrase entering a conversation. So look out for these phrases when we chat, they're the ones I'm most recently coining:
  • Scamp
  • Like a bat outta hell
  • What in the Sam Hill?!
If you have any others I'm open to consideration. Just sayin...

4. I. Hate. My. Nose. And no, we're not talking aesthetics here. We're talking about the fact that it cannot whatsoever handle any kind of pollen. Like at all. When I lived in NC I was practically a walking zombie from March-May. Then we moved to PA and I was like "yes! no allergies here, wahoo!". Not so much. Apparently this ol' nose of mine does not agree with the pollen (yes, this is our 3rd spring here) and it wants to show it by sneezing every 5 seconds and draining any ounce of energy I have left. Enter Benadryl comas and glazed over eyes. Ahh spring (summer?) time...

5. Yeah, that's about it.


katie said...

"what in the sam hill" reminds me of elf and makes me laugh errtime

Cynthia said...

Yeah, that watermelon would be gone in two days, but I do have Lucy and Abby to help me eat it. As for the allergies, Allegra is now over the counter and even though it's a little more expensive, it's so worth it. And no Benadryl haze...doesn't make you drowsy. And an old saying I personally like is "Eat My Dust!". (refer back to the Edward comment)