Thursday, June 30, 2011

let me paint a picture for you

Figuratively, Lord knows not literally.  Because this gal can paint a wall but not a picture.  Anyway, I digress.  For those who are wondering...and those who weren't but you totally love me so you have to read it now...I have maintained this running thing.  (wahooo for me! do a little happy dance ya'll)  Do adults do happy dances?  Oh yes they do.  Heck, I do one every time I eat something that tastes good.

Back to business...I kept up the running throughout the tour of the South.  I did not really maintain my training program because let's be honest folks this belle has not been in the South in the summer in a while and I sure as heck was never running in that heat before.  So the goal on "running days" was to actually run, somewhat, kind of.  In NC my shins bout near gave out on me and silly me I hadn't eaten beforehand and let's just say things got a little woozy.  In SC I waited until 9:00 PM (thinking it would've cooled off somewhat) and 2 minutes in I literally felt like I was suffocating.  Then in TN, bless my in-laws' hearts, they set up their treadmill for me.  My new shoes had just come in so I was real pumped about running (I know, I can't believe I just typed that either).  Then I thought my body was going to collapse.  My shins felt like they were going to break...or pop out of my legs...or I swear I heard their voices plotting my demise.  So I stopped.  And decided to pick it up again once we returned here.  Sorry for the long story...the moral is that I maintained it (and the fact that I'm writing about it in a public place and making such a dang big deal about it is evidence of the small amount of confidence I have in myself for sticking to it) and my shins are finally getting a tad better.

Now for the surprisingly motivating music I listened to today while running.  I recently updated my ipod (last time that happened I was in college) and added like all of the Glee music on it.  While running I shuffled across one of the songs and thought "nope, it's not hardcore gangsta rap or Jock Jams so I'll keep on shuffling" but then I gave it another chance.  And of course I loved the song but then I began to picture the episode in which it was featured.  And next thing I knew the song was over and I had ran a little farther.  So I kept it up for the rest of the run.  See I believe I have a mild case of ADHD and that really comes out when I'm running and looking for like a million and a half reasons why I should stop.  So listening to a song, picturing the episode in which it was featured and thinking up witty lines for the blog while wiping beads (re: waterfalls) of sweat off my face keeps me entertained for a minute or two.  Yep.  So here are a few songs you may like as well:

  1. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)
  2. Blame it on the Alcohol
  3. It's My Life/Confessions mash up
  4. Misery
  5. Empire State of Mind
  6. Bills, Bills, Bills
  7. Rose's Turn (love me some Kurt solos)
  8. Dog Days Are Over (what a great song, so uplifting!)
  9. Only the Good Die Young (I finished and stretched to this and sent up some thoughts to my cuz Will)

my new running crew


Heather said...

Ohh you know there are some people that are very happy for you! Glad it's going well and sorry about the southern heat. :)

Cynthia said...

GLEE music is so great and I'm sure is fun to work out to! And it's so sweet to think of Will...sanks.