Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Christmas tree

Last night after we witnessed the Christmas miracle we wanted to go see this huge tree downtown. I didn't think about it until we were there that it was past midnight, a dark spooky park in the middle of downtown and we're walking by ourselves (in 33 degree weather and its raining)...not such a great idea. Rest assured, we were not assaulted and nothing happened to us...there was no one around (smart people, because it was so freaking cold!). Some of you may not know this but I worry...a lot and I am a very anxious person so it was probably my 9200 prayers that I sent up in the short while that we were out there that kept us safe. Mom, you'll appreciate this...between prayers I kept thinking "my mom would kill me if she knew this...she would just kill me". Kathy, not so much...she's used to JK putting himself in dangerous situations, so I'm sure she doesn't even worry anymore. Anyway like I said, we were fine, and JK took some great pictures! Here they are:

Us and the Christmas tree:

Me...aww look how tiny I look:

Us,a little more close up:

I thought this one was cool with the city in the background:


Anonymous said...

You are correct Miss. Not a smart idea. Glad it was beautiful and you returned safe!!

Cynthia said...

Will had your back!!!!

Cynthia said...

Will had your back!!!!!!11

delores lail said...

Anonymous is actually your mom from her BB. Don't be weirded out!